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Professors and junior professors are assigned to payroll regulation W. Junior professors are assigned payroll group W1 and professors either payroll group W2 or W3. All three payroll groups have fixed amounts, i.e. there is no raise to a further rank. Junior professors are assigned a bonus pay of 260 € monthly after positive evaluation in the second term, i.e. as of the 4th year pursuant to their employment. Professors in payroll group W2 and W3 can negotiate additional granting of appointment or further stay bonuses as part of appointment or further stay discussions. Moreover it is possible to grant performance-based pay for the acceptance of special functions. Not until three years after the appointment there is also the possibility to receive “special performance-based pay” for special accomplishments upon request. The preconditions for this as well as the procedure are ruled in an internal University guideline, the 'Guideline on the Procedure and Granting of Performance – based pay for Professors at the University of Göttingen (Performance - based Pay Guideline)'.
For payroll groups W2 and W3, the higher education performance-based pay provision of 12/16/2002 – Lower Saxony Law Gazette page 790 – is also decisive.