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Civil servants

For civil servants to the University Göttingen there are several legal provisions for the related work service contract, a.o. the Civil Servants Status Law (‘Beamtenstatusgesetz’ – BeamtStG) and the Lower Saxony Civil Servants Law (‘Niedersächsisches Beamtengesetz’ – NBG). Moreover there are further special provisions to be applied to the different work service contracts.
The Lower Saxony Career Regulation (‘Niedersächsische Laufbahnverordnung’ – NLVO) is therefore decisive for the civil servant career law (this only applies to civil servants, who are not in the scientific service). For civil servants in scientific service including professors the additional provisions of the Lower Saxony Higher Education Act ('Niedersächsisches Hochschulgesetz' – NHG) are applicable.
For the employment resp. appointment of civil servants a call for duty procedure is generally provided. For professors, there is a specially ruled appointment procedure to be conducted. For the employment contracts of junior professors there is an additional internal University guideline (Regulation on the Employment and Evaluation of Junior Professors) to be observed, as well as for junior lecturer and researcher an a fixed-term public-service (Regulation on the Employment and Evaluation of junior lecturer and researcher an a fixed-term public-service).

Furthermore there are individual regulations deviating from general pay scale employees for civil servants due to their exemption from social security funds contributions, e.g. on civil servants pension rights (in lieu of general pension funds), granting of allowances for illness, nursing cases and delivery (in lieu of mandatory health insurance funds contributions).