Workshop für Lehrende: "Working in international Classrooms" von Dr. Anne Clausen

5. Mai 2014, 10.00-17:45 Uhr, 6. Mai 2014 9.00-13.00 Uhr

The seminar identifies and analyses diverse teaching and learning cultures and academic expectations in their complex international classroom settings. Chances, challenges and best practice models of diversity teaching in German Higher Education are investigated. Through a varied mix of lectures and interactive exercises including case studies, debates, role play, individual and group exercises the participants explore learning environments which integrate intercultural competent teaching with high-quality learning outcomes. The interactive format of the seminar allows the participants to share and reflect on their experiences. They are given the opportunity to develop policies and techniques of teaching delivery, learning activities, intercultural classroom relations, assessment and support strategies for their own international classrooms.

Learning objectives:
On completion of the seminar the participants will have ...

  • explored learning environments which integrate intercultural competent teaching with high-quality learning outcomes
  • transferred their knowledge to interact with the experiences they have made in their international classrooms and working groups
  • expanded their topical knowledge on diversity in teaching and learning by practical and comparative insights
  • developed policies and techniques of improving teaching and learning in their own diverse classrooms and working groups

This seminar is adressed to teachers (espacially of English-instructed programmes). Please enrol by 21 April 2014 at the latest, otherwise your enrolment might not be considered: Enrolment.

Dr Anne Clausen offers professional seminars, research and consultancy services focussing on internationalisation strategy and practice, diversity in teaching and learning, and project management in international Higher Education. A multidisciplinary Geographer (Ph.D.) by training Dr. Clausen has held positions in Higher Education and international relations in Germany, the United Kingdom and the Asian-Pacific region. Amongst others she was Senior Lecturer for Development Studies and ERASMUS Programme Coordinator at Kingston University London as well as Head of Section with the DAAD where she provided policy advice and quality management measures to German transnational education projects.