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Certificate programme: Building International Careers

Discover international opportunities

There are endless career and employment opportunities worldwide waiting to be explored! Our program supports you in planning your international career path – in Germany or abroad - right from the start. In collaboration with other students, you will set your individual goals and create a plan of action. The program consists of three parts:

DISCOVER global perspectives
Mon, 06.05.2019, 2:15 - 6pm

PREPARE your own international profile
Sat, 25.05.2019, 10 am – 3 pm

TRAIN your intercultural competences
Choose between different modules

REFLECT your career path
Monday, 08.07.2019, 2:15 – 6pm

Self-organised sessions
4-5 meetings

Designing a profile summery
Application papers, career network profile

Professional support
Working materials and peer-group coaching

Final presentation
Summarize learnings and next steps

Individual guidance
Wed 10 - 12 pm, Thu 2 - 4 pm and by individual appointment

Career events with international focus

08.05.2019 - Bilingual Career Forum

21./22.05.2019 - Praxisbörse

24.05.2019 - Interview training

18.06.2019 - Field trip to
Bosch (Hildesheim)

Events EU Careers

Depending on your personal situation, you choose your own focus:

  • Career orientation: Discover your talents and explore job opportunities
  • Effective job search: Develop your personal strategy how to approach the labour market and find new inroads to your dream job
  • Application documents: Learn how to analyse a job advertisement and prepare a convincing CV and motivation letter
  • Intercultural competences: Prepare yourself for working in a global environment

Target group: German and international students (as well as recent graduates) of all disciplines

Building International Careers + Intercultural Engagement = International Certificate



This workshop is the kick-off meeting for the programme. The activities will be the following:

  • Overview – What methods will we work with?
  • Career orientation, job/ internship search, application process – How to get started
  • Introducing selected methods of career path planning
  • How can you discover your opportunities worldwide?
  • Building success-teams

Trainer: Henrike Haase (Career Service, University of Göttingen)

Date: Monday, 06.05.2019

Time: 2:15 - 6pm

In this workshop we will focus on the following:

  • Your competence profile and how to present it – at what point are your soft skills relevant and when are your hard skills relevant?
  • How can you focus the attention of potential employers on your key competences?
  • Where to look to identify job opportunities and research options with lower competition level
  • How to present your key competences on XING / LinkedIn in English/German
  • Devising a plan of action – what are the next three things you will do?

Trainer: Simon Chaplin (Coach, Berlin)

Date: Saturday, 25.05.2019

Time: 10am – 3pm

This meeting is the milestone of the programme. By now you will have learned more about your career plans and how to specify your objectives.
This session will focus on:

  • Reflection on your goals
  • Discussing further steps and support measures
  • Final presentation of the success team
  • Feedback

Trainer: Henrike Haase (Career Service, University of Göttingen))

Date: Monday, 08.07.2019

Time: 2:15 – 6pm

Success Teams

A success team is a small ongoing group of students helping each other to follow their individual targets. The group will give you impulses, brainstorm new solutions to new problems and support you in times of struggle. You will meet every second week to report your progress, ask for support in specific matters and decide about the next steps. We will build the success teams during the first workshop. You will organise the meetings all by yourself. An ideal meeting takes about two hours and will focus on every single team member.

In the success-teams, you will create an individual profile summary: This could be a complete application, your profile on a career-network or a creative written presentation of your skillset. You receive professional feedback from the career service.

Do not hesitate to ask for support or group coaching if there is a need for it. Furthermore, you will have the possibility to structure and focus your meetings based on professional materials.

You are going to present your profile summary and a reflection on your personal learnings. The final presentation is a mandatory element to receive the certificate.


Individual consultations (esp. for defining your goals) during or office hours or by individual appointment


Involvement: Participation in all workshops and self-organised group meetings.

Language: English

Certificate: By participating in this programme you will be eligible to receive the International Certificate of InDiGU (Integration and Diversity at the University of Göttingen), which honours international experience and intercultural competence as well as commitment in supporting international students.

Selection Procedure: After having registered via the online registration form, we would like you to submit a preparation task and a formless CV. This is the requirement for having a personal conversation on your motivation to participate. You receive the final confirmation of your participation after the interview. Please note that we can’t prioritise your application if you are not able to take part in all mandatory elements of the programme. Since we are aiming to have a highly diverse student group, we have a limited quota of students from every subject.

Registration: Interested for summer term 2019