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Lateral Entry (free-admission programmes)

This description applies to the enrolment process "lateral entry (free-admission programmes)" for all students who are looking to change over to a degree programme with open admission at Göttingen University into a higher subject-semester and who fulfil one of the following qualifications:

  • They have been studying the same subject / programme at a university abroad.
  • They have been studying a programme which is similar but not identical to the programme offered at Göttingen, at another German university (including Göttingen University).

Scan your documents – in particular your university entrance qualification certificate (e.g. German Abitur), to enable you to upload these to the portal. The data formats pdf, jpg, tiff, doc and docx will be accepted.
During the enrollment process we will send updates and information to your registered mail account.

Enrolment in five Steps

Certificate of Transferable Credits
You must have the existing transferable credits and study achievements from your previous degree programme verified by your new degree prorgamme at Göttingen University (in a "Certificate of Transferable Credits"). Please contact the respective counselling service of the subject you desire (see Subjects from A-Z).

Applicants Already Enrolled at the University of Göttingen
You can apply for a change of programme by using the designated form: Application for change of course of studies (subject change) (pdf). You need to be re-registered before you apply for a change of programme. Please enclose your Certificate of Transferable Credits. (Paragraphs 3 through 5 below are not applicable for you.)

Applicants Not Yet Enrolled at the University of Göttingen
Enter your personal data and specify your desired degree programme on the application and enrolment portal. Upload the documents required for enrolment, then submit your application. You can subsequently complete your online enrolment by entering additional data.

Documents for enrolment

  • Certificate of transferable credits for completed examination prerequisites and examination results from the authority responsible in Göttingen for the subject.
  • University entrance qualification (e.g. Abitur certificate or equivalent)
  • Original insurance certificate for students from a statutory health insurance fund (AOK, BEK, DAK, etc.). Students covered by private health insurance must obtain a certificate from their health insurers stating that they are exempt from statutory health insurance.
  • Confirmation of periods of study from the university previously attended, specifying the university and subject semesters already completed
  • For foreign prospective students only: evidence of adequate German language proficiency (DSH test)
  • Only for students who aren't 18 years old at the time of enrolment: Declaration of consent for under-age students

Please note: certificates in any language other than German must be submitted in the form of a certified translation.

Statutory declaration ("Eidesstattliche Versicherung") to be uploaded
Following submission of your application, you are required to print out the statutory declaration generated by your data input ("Eidesstattliche Versicherung"). Please sign, scan and upload it in our application and enrolment portal.

Remittance of semester fees
Please remit the semester fees to the University. Your enrolment can only be finalised after your payment has been received. Please enter your registration number and name on the remittance slip!

Payment by transfer
Please transfer the semester fees in due time to the university bank account.

Payee („Empfänger”): Georg-August-Universität Göttingen

Account with Nord/LB Hannover
Friedrichswall 10
30159 Hannover

IBAN DE57 2505 0000 0199 9537 04

Reference („Verwendungszweck”)
Please enter the following information into the "reference" field:

  • Your matriculation nummber (or registration/application number)
  • Your surname and given name
  • The semester of reference (e.g. winter semester 20xy)

Confirmation by the University
Confirmation will subsequently be sent to you automatically.

Note: For admission into English and Romance language programmes you need to fulfil specific language requirements.