Research interests

Late-Quaternary palaeoclimate, vegetation history and environmental change using multi-proxy analyses of lake sediments, with particular significance on plant diversity and vegetation dynamics. This involves plant macrofossil, microfossil (pollen, charophytes and ostracods) and charcoal of lacustrine deposits from South America and Europe.

Granted projects

Pollen-based reconstructions of past land-cover change in Latin America

a workshop sponsored by PAGES, 29-30-31 October 2016 Salvador de Bahia, Brazil

Quantifying postglacial climate and vegetation dynamics of the forest-steppe ecotone in northern Patagonia, Argentina

funded by DFG, 2016-2019

Holocene vegetation and climate of central-west Argentina: understanding past ecosystem dynamics

funded by CONICET, the Research Council of Argentina, 2015-2020

Late-Glacial and Holocene vegetational stability of southern South America

funded by DFG, 2011-ongoing

Quaternary palaeoecology – reconstructing past environments

a Latin American workshop sponsored by PAGES, 23rd November - 4th December 2015 San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina

Enhancing palaeoenvironmental reconstructions in Argentina

a bilateral program for co-operative research between Germany and Argentina (PROALAR), funded by DAAD and MINCyT, 2013-2014