Koszinowski Lab: Organometallic, Physical Organic, and Analytical Chemistry


May 2024
New PhD student in the BENCh program
Welcome Rafiq!

April 2024
New Bachelor students
Jonas and Peter join the group - welcome!

April 2024
"Wrong-way" transmetalation from boron to lithium discovered
To learn more about the surprising reactivity, check out the article in Chem. Eur. J. (link).

February 2024
New PhD student
Zhili has started her PhD studies supported by a CSC scholarship - congratulations!

January 2024
Tutorial on the observation and characterization of single organometallic elementary steps
The article is published in Organometallics (link).

January 2024
Bachelor theses 2024
We are offering Bachelor theses on a range of exciting topics (link).

December 2023
For his outstanding PhD thesis at the interface between experiment and theory, Thomas is awarded the Peter-Botschwina-Gedächtnispreis 2023!

Prof. Dr. Konrad Koszinowski
Institut für Organische und
Biomolekulare Chemie
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