C11 - Fresnel wavelets for coherent diffractive imaging

Within this funding period we aim to analyze the convergence of our phase retrieval algorithms using sparsity in shearlet frames and to extend them to 3D data in Fresnel and Fraunhofer regime.
We are furthermore interested in deriving new sparsity constraints based on adaptive wavelet frames instead of directional (but non-adaptive) shearlets with a focus on faster reconstruction algorithms in the 3D case. The obtained approach of incorporating wavelet-frame sparsity constraints into relaxed averaged alternating reflection algorithms will be compared with the phase reconstruction using a regularization approach in cooperation with projects C02 (Hohage/Luke) and C09 (Hohage). The wavelet frame sparsity constraints will be also applied to derive a new regularized object reconstruction method based on the transport of intensity equation in collaboration with project C01 (Salditt).

Members of this project:

Prof. Dr. Gerlind Plonka-Hoch
Dr. Stefan Loock
Jakob Geppert

Associated members of this project:


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