A07 - Statistical inference for molecules: How many, when and where?

In this project we aim to map the spatial molecular and brightness distribution of the sample for scanning microscopy such as STED, by exploiting the fact that a single molecule can emit only one photon at a time. This will build on a rigorous statistical convolution modeling of higher order photon coincidences. Based on this model we envision the development of various novel statistical inference tasks, e.g. on the number of molecules at a given spot, including the possibility to obtain information about the estimation error. On the experimental side we need to optimize and adapt the detection path of our microscopes and screen novel dyes. In summary, we aim to develop a novel automatized statistical analysis tool for scanning microscopy. The obtained molecular maps and their statistical confidence bounds will give us new insights into interesting biological phenomena.
Members of this project:

Prof. Dr. Axel Munk
Dr. Katharina Proksch

Associate projects:
Dr. Frank Werner

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