Workshop -- New approaches to the syntax/semantics Interface

The linguistics institute of the Germanic Department and the Courant Research Centre "Text Structures" are organising a workshop on the syntax/semantics interface, sponsored by the U4 Network.

A central question in formal syntax and semantics is to what extent syntax encodes semantic information, a question that has received various, partially opposing answers. On the one hand, it is argued that syntax encodes all relevant semantic information, on the other, there are arguments for a syntactic structure that is as simple as possible. Aim of the workshop is to bring together researchers from the U4 partner universities working on formal theories of syntax and on formal semantics to discuss questions such as: How much syntax do we minimally need to describe syntactic structure, and how much syntax do we need in order to be able to interpret a syntactic structure semantically. A successful theory of the syntax/semantics interface should bridge the gap between these two requirements.


  • Jan-Wouter Zwart (Groningen)
  • Mark de Vries (Groningen)
  • Hedde Zeijlstra (Göttingen)
  • Edgar Onea (Göttingen)
  • Emar Maier (Groningen)
  • Pavel Rudnev (Groningen)
  • Joost Kremers (Göttingen)

Date & Time:
12 December 2013

Courant Research Center "Text Structures",
Library, 2nd floor
Nikolausberger Weg 23


  • Anke Holler
  • Joost Kremers
  • Markus Steinbach