Dr. Sarah Iweala

Sarah is a former member of the Research Training Group Global Food. In her research, Sarah is interested in factors that motivate consumers to go for the ethical option when they have the choice. For her PhD she analysed the role of the warm glow of giving in different study set ups, including choice experiments and experimental online auctions. She collaborated with fellow researchers to analyze the choices of consumers in Germany, the UK and China. It is particularly this joint work that she enjoyed during her PhD. Find out more about Sarah’s research: YouTube video - Buy good, feel good?.

Previously the officer for science communication at the faculty of agricultural sciences at the University of Göttingen, she is now the research assistant for the Scientific Advisory Board on Agricultural Policy, Food and Consumer Health Protection at the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture.

Research interests:

  • Behavioral economics
    • Food products with ethical claims & consumer choice
      • Methods: Surveys, choice experiments & experimental auctions

      • Research project:

        RTG 1666: "GlobalFood" Transformation of Global Agri-Food Systems
        GlobalFood combined approaches from agribusiness management, agricultural economics, development economics, and experimental economics in a novel way, to analyze the trends, driving forces, and implications of the agri-food system transformation and train a future generation of first-class researchers and policymakers in this international field.

        Selected publications: