Dr. Fabian Brambach

Fabian Brambach


email: fbrambach[at]uni-goettingen.de
phone: +49-(0)551-39-21857

Research Interests
I am a botanist interested in plant ecology, biogeography and systematics , with a focus on tropical ecosystems, particularly in Southeast Asian insular region Malesia. My current research focuses on different dimensions of plant diversity (taxonomic, functional and phylogenetic) and biogeography across a land-use intensity gradient in lowland Sumatra, Indonesia, within the Collaborative Research Centre 990 (EFForTS). There, I am trying to understand how land-use change affects these different aspects of biodiversity under varying environmental conditions. A more detailed understanding of these effects will ultimately inform the design of efficient measures to mitigate the loss of diversity associated with tropical deforestation. During my Ph.D. research, I explored patterns of tree diversity, endemism, and biogeography in mountain forests of Sulawesi, Indonesia, a severely under-explored tropical island and key biogeographic region.

PhD. in Biology (2019), University of Göttingen
MSc in Forest Science (2008), TUM Munich


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