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We acknowledge support from the following sources:

Research Unit FOR 5522 (DFG): "Quantum thermalization, localization, and constrained dynamics with interacting ultracold atoms"
SFB 1073 (DFG): "Atomic scale control of energy conversion" (Project B09)
Research Unit FOR 2414 (DFG): "Artificial Gauge Fields and Interacting Topological Phases in Ultracold Atoms" (1 Doctoral position)

In the past, we participated in these coordinated grants:

Research Unit FOR 1807 (DFG): "Advanced Computational Methods for Strongly Correlated Quantum System" (1 Doctoral position)

DFG Research Unit FOR 912: "Coherence and relaxation properties of electron spins"


DFG Research Unit FOR 801: "Strong Correlations in Multiflavor Ultracold Quantum Gases"