Thesis Advisory Committee (TAC)

For the supervision of your PhD project you need a Thesis Advisory Committee (TAC) consisting of at least three people:

  1. TAC member
  2. TAC member
  3. TAC member

All TAC members must be experienced scientists in the designated field, represented by at least a doctoral degree.

Ideally, the first and second TAC members are authorized examiners of the faculty. However, for admission it is sufficient if both are authorized examiners of the GAUSS program. See paragraph 5 of the RerNatO for more information on supervisory regulations.

If your intended TAC does not meet the requirements, please get in contact with us. It is possible to apply for individual examination accreditation.

Faculty of Biology and Psychology
Wilhelm-Weber-Str. 2
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Dean: Prof. Dr. Rolf Daniel
Dean of Studies: Prof. Dr. Ernst Wimmer

Faculty Administration/Contact
Dr. Anke Schürer
Contact details, absence notes and appointment for advisory service

General administration
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