Homecoming 2024

After the great success of the first Homecoming, the second Homecoming will be hosted on September 27 and 28. This event brings together former and current academics, practitioners, and students from the Göttingen School of Development Economics to foster our community, exchange experiences and insights, and return once more to lovely Göttingen.

We are looking forward to two days full of interesting discussion panels, presentations, and social activities. Moreover, we host a Career Market which will offer the opportunity to gain insights into practical work in the field of development.

We are excited to announce Professor Francisco H. G. Ferreira (LSE) as our keynote speaker who will hold the Stephan Klasen Lecture. Moreover, together with Sarah (Langlotz) and Lennart (Kaplan), we will host the Digital Development Dialogue (3D) on Friday afternoon. Our 3D-guests will be Axel Dreher (Heidelberg University) and Jochen Kluve (KfW). They will talk about Development Effectiveness in Times of Shifting Geopolitics.

Registration is open from May 3 to June 15.

homecomecing 2024

Lehre zu Lateinamerika

Seminare, Betreuung von Bachelor- und Masterarbeiten sowie Dissertationen.



  • Organisation einer Konferenz im Jahr (2019 in Bournemouth, Großbritannien; 2020 Corona-bedingt entfallen; 2021 in Alicante & Castellón, Spanien).

Arnoldshain Seminare

  • Arnoldshain X: Development, equity and policy in Latin America in the aftermath of the global economic and financial crisis; 29.Juni - 2.Juli.2011, Göttingen und Merseburg.
  • Arnoldshain XI: Migration, Development, and Demographic Change – Problems, Consequences, Solutions; 25 - 28.Juni.2013, Antwerp.
  • Arnoldshain XII: Globalization, development and human capital. The role of networking and information.; 23 - 26.September.2014, Valencia und Villarreal.
  • 20 Years of Arnoldshain: 20 Years of Challenges for Integration, Globalization, and Development; 14 - 18.September.2015, Frankfurt und Arnoldshain.
  • Arnoldshain XIV: Institutions, Trade, and Economic Policy; 3 - 6.Oktober.2016, Córdoba und La Cumbre.

Kooperationen mit Spanien und Lateinamerika


(4-8 pro Jahr).

Durchführung des Zulassungsverfahrens zum M.Sc. Development Economics

Bewerbungen pro Jahr: ca. 900; Studienplätze pro Jahr: 30.

Koordination des M.Sc. Development Economics

Bewerbungs- und Zulassungsverfahren, Einführungs- und Feedback-Veranstaltungen, Betreuung von Studierenden des M.Sc. Development Economics, Anfragen von Studieninteressenten.