Forschung / Research Activities

In the current subproject "Social Anthropology" of UrbanFoodPlus Barbara is focusing her research on the social and political dimensions of animal husbandry in West African urban and peri-urban settlements. The goal is to acquire an in-depth understanding of how livestock keeping is organized in the urban and peri-urban setting and to investigate social arrangements that influence aspects of the production system such as quality and quantity of input (e.g. fodder, water) and output (e.g. milk, meat). In several intensive fieldwork periods Barbara will examine more closely networks of cooperation and knowledge exchange, links between rural and urban livestock keepers as well as relations between the latter and expert groups through which e.g., inputs, innovation, and technical knowledge are accessed. Using network- and actor-oriented approaches she will analyze cases, processes and conflicts that are embedded in the system of urban agriculture and affect the efficiency of the production system.