IRTG 2172: PRoTECT: Plant Responses To Eliminate Critical Threats


The International Research Training Group 2172 funded by the DFG is a collaborative program between research groups of the Georg-August-University Goettingen (UGOE) and research groups of the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver.

The IRTG is managed by 8 research groups of the Georg August University Goettingen in close cooperation with 8 research groups of the Department of Botany and the Michael-Smith Laboratories of the UBC in Vancouver. A joint PhD training program and close cooperation within the projects provide international experience and an international network to the doctoral researchers who also spend part of their PhD thesis in Canada.


We congratulate Patricia Scholz to her succcessful defense on October 24th!
Well done, Patricia!

Patricia Scholz defense

Latest Publications

Maurus I., Leonard M., Nagel A., Starke J., Kronstad J.W., Rebekka Harting, and Braus, G.H.: Tomato Xylem Sap Hydrophobins Vdh4 and Vdh5 Are Important for Late Stages of Verticillium dahliae Plant Infection. Journal of Fungi, 8(12):1252 (2022)

  • Nair, A., Goyal, I., Voß, E., Mrozek, P., Prajapati, S., Thurow C., Tietze, L., Tittmann, K., and Gatz, C.: N-hydroxypipecolic acid-induced transcription requires the salicylic acid signaling pathway at basal SA levels. Plant Phys. (2021)

  • De la Torre, A., Jurca, M., Hoffmann, K., Schmitz, L., Heimel, K., Kämper, J., Pérez-Martín, J.: Robust Cre recombinase activity in the biotrophic smut fungus Ustilago maydis enables efficient conditional null mutants in planta. Genetics (2021)

  • Barghahn S., Arnal G., Jain N., Petutschnig E.K., Brumer H. and Lipka V.: Mixed Linkage β-1,3/1,4-Glucan Oligosaccharides Induce Defense Responses in Hordeum vulgare and Arabidopsis thaliana. Front Plant Sci https://doi: 10.3389/fpls.2021.682439 (2021)

  • Lüdke, D., Rohmann, P.F.W. and Wiermer, M.: Nucleocytoplasmic Communication in Healthy and Diseased Plant Tissues. Front Plant Sci 12, (2021).

  • Harting, R., Nagel, A., Nesemann, K., Höfer, A. M., Bastakis, E., Kusch, H., Stanley, C. E., Stöckli, M., Kaever, A., Hoff, K. J., Stanke, M., deMello, A. J., Künzler, M., Haney, C. H., Braus-Stromeyer, S. A. and :Pseudomonas Strains Induce Transcriptional and Morphological Changes and Reduce Root Colonization of Verticillium spp. Front. Microbiol., (2021)

  • Harting, R., Starke, J., Kusch H., Pöggeler, S., Maurus, I., Schlüter, R., Landesfeind M., Bulla, I., Nowrousian, M., de Jonge, R., Stahlhut, G., Hoff, K. J., P. Aßhauer, K. P., Thürmer, A., Stanke, A., Daniel, R., Morgenstern, B., Thomma B. P. H. J., Kronstad, J. W., Braus‐Stromeyer, S. A., Braus, G. H.: A 20‐kb lineage‐specific genomic region tames virulence in pathogenic amphidiploid Verticillium longisporum. Mol. Pl. Path. (2021)

    Starke, J., Harting, R., Maurus, I., Leonard, M., Bremenkamp. R., Heimel, K., Kronstad, J., and Braus, G.: Unfolded Protein Response and Scaffold Independent Pheromone MAP Kinase Signaling Control Verticillium dahliae Growth, Development, and Plant Pathogenesis. J. Fungi (2021)

    Lüdke, D., Roth, C., Kamrad, S.A., Messerschmidt, J., Hartken, D., Appel, J., Hörnich, B.F., Yan, Q., Kusch, S., Klenke, M., Gunkel, A., Wirthmueller, L. and Wiermer, M.: Functional requirement of the Arabidopsis importin-α nuclear transport receptor family in autoimmunity mediated by the NLR protein SNC1. Plant J (2021)

    Ao, K., Tong, M., Li, L., Lüdke, D., Lipka, V., Chen, S., Wiermer, M. and Li, X.: SCFSNIPER7 controls protein turnover of unfoldase CDC48A to promote plant immunity. NewPhytol (2021)

    Mohnike, L., Rekhter, D., Huang, W., Feussner, K., Hainan Tian, H., Herrfurth, C.,
    Zhang, Y., and Feussner, I.: The glycosyltransferase UGT76B1 modulates N-hydroxy-pipecolic acid homeostasis and plant immunity. The Plant Cell (2021)

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