Publikationen und Vorträge / Publications and talks

Liebs, Valérie; Bikandu, Blaise; Lassa, Lemmy; Schareika, Nikolaus; Lukoki, Félicien; Fruth, Barbara (2013): Signifying Competence. Herbalists in Kinshasa?s Urban Context. In: Brigit Obrist, Elisio Macamo und Veit Arlt (Hg.): Living the City in Africa. Processes of Invention and Intervention. Berlin: Lit-Verlag (Schweizerische Afrikastudien, 10), S. 213?233.

Conference Papers

2013. Objekte des Wirkens - Heilpflanzen und minkisi im unteren Kongo. Presentation in the fram of the exhibition "Minkisi - Skulpturen vom unteren Kongo" at GRASSI-Museum Leipzig (Germany), the 21.02.2013.

2012. Shifting (un-)Certainties? Trust in Herbal Medicines in the Urban Context of Kinshasa. Presentation in the frame of EASA-conference "Uncertainty and Disquiet" at University Paris-Nanterre (France), the 11.07.2012.

2011. Signifying Competence. Urban Herbalists Seeking Affirmation in Kinshasa. Presentation at the DGV-conference "Wa(h)re 'Kultur'?" at the Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology in Vienna (Austria), the 15.09.2011.

2010. Herbalists in Kinshasa. Producing 'Modernity' - Relating to ?Tradition?. Presentation in the frame of AEGIS-conference "Living the African City" at the Institute for Cultural Anthropology in Basel (Switzerland), the 8.10.2010.

2009. Les plantes médicinales en milieu urbain. L'exemple à Kinshasa. Talk for the presentation of the project "Cuvette Centrale as reservoir of medicinal plants", at the National Institute of Biomedical Research (INRB) in Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of Congo), the 10.11.2009.