LinG/RTG2636 Colloquium

Unless announced otherwise, the LinG/RTG2636 Colloquium will take place on:

Wednesdays 4-6 pm (ct)

!!! This semester the colloquium will be an onsite event: only a few talks will take place online and most will be onsite at VG 1.105. Detailed information as to how to join the meetings will be shared via the LinG mailing list.

Talks will be announced regularly via the LinG mailing list and on this website (see below).

This is a preliminary schedule that will be extended, and possibly altered, in the weeks to come.

Format: tba
Speaker: tba
Talk: tba
Format: online
Speaker: Hadas Kotek (Sr Data Scientist at Apple)
More details here
Format: onsite
Speakers: Birgit Schmidt , Dorothea Schuller , José Calvo Tello (University of Göttingen)
Talk: Introduction to Open science. Open Access in linguistics.
Format: online
Speaker: Despina Oikonomou (University of Crete)
Talk: Prosody and meaning variation in matrix Subjunctive Questions of Greek (joined work with Onur Özsoy)
Format: onsite
Speaker: Silva Ladewig (University of Göttingen)
Talk: The emergence and stabilization of gestures
*no meeting*
Format: onsite
Speaker: José Calvo Tello , Birgit Schmidt , Dorothea Schuller (University of Göttingen)
Talk: Language data management
*no meeting*
Speaker: Martin Salzmann (University of Pennsylvania)
Talk: A new perspective on Clitic Doubling on the basis of Modern Greek. Evidence for a movement-free account
Talk will be rescheduled in summer term.
Format: online
Speaker: Ian Roberts (University of Cambridge)
Talk: Some Remarks on the Diachrony of Wh-Movement (and some other things)
Format: online
Speaker: Roumyana Pancheva (University of California, Santa Cruz)
Talk: Numeral variations
Speaker: Enoch Aboh (University of Amsterdam)
Talk will be rescheduled in summer term.
Format: onsite
Speaker: Balkiz Öztürk (Boğaziçi University)
Talk: Reciprocals in Turkish

Term Coordinator: Hedde Zeijlstra (Email), Yana Strakatova (Email)

General Coordinator: Hedde Zeijlstra (Email)