Gesprächscafé: A Student Perspective to Migration

Gesprächscafé provided an interesting perspective on how Göttingen can understand and shape itself as a migrant society in the eyes of students coming to the town from all around the world, but predominantly from Europe. This event was prepared by Euroculture students and organized as part of the project series UrbanLab: Migration moves Göttingen. The discussion addressed a fundamental question on “how do the students experience Göttingen?”. We believed that the informality and bottom-to-bottom approach, where people talk and can share their experience in a pleasant and relaxed setting, help to stir a public awareness around international student migration. The international students constitute a significant part of population in Göttingen and their experience should not be marginalized.

Stadtlabor Gesprächscafe

Time: 09 July 2019, 16:00 - 18:00
Place: Stadtlabor, Schildweg 1, 37085 Göttingen

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