CeMig’s distinguishing approach is that it analyses migration and flight on a global scale. Its transregional perspective as well as the breadth of participating fields offers the opportunity to develop interdisciplinary projects on specific topics.

Research Projects

CeMig organises its research along several thematic areas:

Legal and Policy Regimes as well as Migration Governance...

... are systematically explored and explained on a state, regional and international level. It is examined how different governments deal with migration and refugee flows.

Ongoing Projects

The Political Economy of Migration...

... deals with the economic contexts. Researchers are interested in the determinants and effects of migration and refuge on the one hand, and study the relationship between labour and migration more generally on the other.

Environmental Issues and Migration...

... addresses the question of how environmental contexts and factors interrelate with migration decisions and patterns, and how communities deal with these circumstances.

Ongoing Projects:

Economic, Political and Social Integration...

... addresses the necessary conditions for successful integration. Here, not only legal statuses but also rather classical sociological categories of ethnicity, gender, religious affiliation, cultural background and level of education explain the integration pathways and trajectories of migrants and refugees.

Ongoing Projects:

Migrants' Perspectives and Voices...

... brings migrants’ and refugees’ practices, as well as their own subjective understandings and conceptualisations, to the fore. This research focus is interested in practices of mobility and translocal life projects, alongside migrants’ and refugees’ experiences with belonging, home-making and participation in nationally organised societies.

Ongoing Projects:

Migration and Public Health...

... examines how the "protection of life" and the "right to health" are defined and implemented for migrants and postcolonial minorities and what ethical, social and political questions arise from this practice, based on the unequal distribution of health care worldwide.

Laufende Projekte:

Further Projects...

consider migration as a factor in the context of current research topics and issues.

Ongoing Projects:

A detailed description of ongoing research at CeMig can be found in our Annual Reports. See right column.


Regional Foci

CeMig researchers focus on countries of origin, transit and destination across the globe, each with a different history of emigration, immigration and transnational entanglements. From a comparative perspective it becomes clear that societies deal quite differently with (forced) migration and associated challenges. Also, these studies from around the globe point to the various migration decisions to leave, move on, settle in or return, thereby covering the entire migration process. These varied insights into national, regional and local contexts of migration, into situated practices, allow for a global and decentralised perspective – as well as for greater understanding of transnational entanglements.

CeMig combines research results from:

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