Strengthening migration studies at Göttingen Campus

CeMig sees it's main task in strengthening migration research at Göttingen Campus. It provides a coordinated infrastructure to link the variety of disciplinary and methodological approaches across the faculties and to bring them into a productive exchange. In the medium term, joint research activities are to be perpetuated in convenient formats (e.g. collaborative research projects).

Expansion of transdisciplinary and transregional research perspectives at Göttingen Campus

Furthermore, CeMig will cooperate with the existing research networks and institutions of the Göttingen Campus and contribute by bringing in migration as a cross-cutting topic. The members of CeMig are closely linked to each other through joint research activities with the

CeMig is also linked to the

via the Global and Transregional Studies Platform Goettingen.

CeMig is connected worldwide with partner universities and is integrated into international networks thanks to the diverse regional research foci of the participating migration scientists and scholars.

Main areas of research at CeMig

Researchers at CeMig focus on migration processes from a broader and global perspective. Thus, they not only address different types, forms, practices and political categories (such as labour migration, educational migration, marriage migration, forced migration or climate-induced migration). But they also focus on the contexts of migration in the countries of origin, transit and destination and the circular arrival and return movements as well as the transnational connections associated with these mobilities.

The thematic research interests are divided into four main areas:

  • Policy regimes and migration governance
  • Social, religious, cultural and environmental contexts
  • Political economy of migration
  • Migrants' perspectives and voices