Centre for Global Migration Studies (CeMig)

Centre for Global Migration Studies (CeMig)

Migration is one of the most pressing and complex issues of the 21st century. The Centre for Global Migration Studies (CeMig) brings together scholars of
Göttingen Campus from six different faculties, plus the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity (MPI-MMG). Together they study the complex challenges of migration on a global scale under very different thematic and regional foci, that by engaging in interdisciplinary collaboration and by pooling together diverse methodological approaches. CeMig strengthens research and teaching in the area of Migration Studies in addition to establishing innovative forms of knowledge transfer.

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Umfrage Health und Migration 1

Survey of the interdisciplinary research group "Public Health and Migration":

Experiences of migrants, refugees and racialized groups with GP care in Göttingen

We are interested in the hurdles and problems faced by people with a history of flight and migration in accessing the German healthcare system and would like to better understand the challenges they face. The focus is on the experiences they have when visiting GP surgeries in Göttingen.

We would be very pleased if you would participate in the survey or forward the information on the survey.

You will find the links to the survey in various languages here.

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Wege zur kolonialkritischen Stadt

Mon. 15-19 Uhr
Thurs. 10:00-14.00 Uhr

Wilhelmsplatz 3

The "Urban Lab: Ways to the colonial-critical city" (Stadtlabor) will provide space for exchange and the collaborative exploration and development of paths to a colonial-critical city of Göttingen over the next 12 months. The project aims to gather perspectives, network knowledge and shape commemoration. In addition to the reappraisal of local colonial history, the City Lab also wants to make anti-colonial resistance and colonial continuities to the present more visible and invite all Göttingen residents to get involved and participate.

In the course of building up an open archive, all Göttingen residents are called upon to contribute objects, documents or other contemporary testimonies.

Go to the collection call here.

You will find further information on the current dates here on Instagram

New research project by Sabine Hess
Expertise on the establishment of a documentation center for the victims of the NSU:
"Nationwide inventory of reappraisal activities and inclusion of affected persons' perspectives."
On behalf of the Federal Agency for Civic Education (bpb)

On 29.02.2024, the Federal Agency for Civic Education/bpb published the feasibility study on the establishment of a memorial and documentation centre for the victims of the right-wing extremist terrorist group "National Socialist Underground" (NSU).

The expert report "Nationwide inventory of reappraisal activities and inclusion of affected persons' perspectives", prepared under the lead of Sabine Hess, formed an important basis together with other expert reports, studies, reports and research work.

The feasibility study and the expert report are available here..