Centre for Global Migration Studies (CeMig)

Centre for Global Migration Studies (CeMig)

Migration is one of the most pressing and complex issues of the 21st century at a global scale. The Centre for Global Migration Studies (CeMig) brings together scholars of the Göttingen Campus from six different faculties and the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity (MPI-MMG). By engaging in interdisciplinary collaboration, pooling diverse methodological approaches, and employing different thematic and regional foci, CeMig is able to develop innovative approaches to the opportunities and challenges posed by migration.

CeMig aims to establish new formats of knowledge transfer in addition to strengthening research and teaching in the area of migration. It endeavours to contribute to public debates and to facilitate the inclusion of stakeholders from civil society, politics, industry and business in the discussion.

Events during semester break

At the moment there are no CeMig events coming up. In our event archive you can get an overview of our past events. Here for example is a review of the 4th Night of Science with photos from the panel discussion and videos from Migration Matters to look at. Or you can listen here to the lecture "Fokus Westafrika: Wer Fluchtursachen verstehen möchte, darf vom kolonialen Erbe nicht schweigen" (in German) of Olaf Bernau (Afrique-Europe-Interact) which he gave on 10 January as part of our lecture series "Root Causes of Forced Migration: Interdisciplinary Insights and Political Challenges."

NdW 2019 Stand

Dr. Jelka Günther (CeMig), Dr. Stefan Schlegel (CeMig/Bern), Dr. Simon Goebel (Eichstädt-Ingolstadt), Kelly Miller (Migration Matters),
Sophia Burton (Migration Matters) and Leon-Fabian Caspari (CeMig) at the 4th Night of Science