Late Bronze Age use of landscape and ressources between power, craftmanship and cult near the Heeseberg (Northern Harz Mountains)

Multi disciplinary investigations at a late bronze age/ early iron age hillfort „Hünenburg“ near Watenstedt, Kr. Helmstedt, with a rampart, outer-settlement and urnfield took extensive insight into the development, inner structure, economic basis as well as burial and ritual practices. The cultural establishment and the widespread long distance network are seen in the archaeological context, too. For the first time in middle Europe the investigations at a late Bronze Age outer-settlement with until this time unknown huge expansion led to important aspects of the centralistic function of these types of settlement.
To get a well founded knowledge of the hillfort, its hinterland and landscape in ancient times, investigations in the regional resources (salt, mining activity), the relationship to neighboured settlements and the topography of the outer settlement are part of a huge fieldwork project in combination with natural sciences. On the top of interest stand the excavations of a recently discovered ancient creek with excellent preservation of wood. This site at the border of the outer settlement could be answering different questions about the economic and ritual activities, organic objects, food organisation and the late Bronze Age ecologic framework.