Student information

Field of study description
Pre- and Protohistory belongs to cultural studies and is therefore operating in a historical manner. Based on the material remains we do or research on environment, economy and social organisation of humankind. Art, religion and traditions are also included. It is our aim to analyse and reconstruct cultural and historical relationships far past the time of written record. Pre- and Protohistory begins with the first stone tools made by humans and ends when we have a greater amount of written sources. This wide study field excludes disciplines, which have established themselves as a special field (Egyptology, American Studies, Assyriology, Christian Archaeology, Classical Archaeology, and Archaeology of the Near East).
It is our main aim to qualify students after they have reached master degree for the occupational field. Therefore we focus on a widely spread education. The students shall be able to work autonomously and independently on different research topics. For this reason, it is necessary to have knowledge of the whole European Pre- and Protohistory but especially Middle Europe. The students should know essential terms of the subject as well as theories and methods. In practical parts (field practice, excursions and tutorials) of their studies, they will get an inside into the different fields of work. For a successful study of Pre- and Protohistory it is necessary to have knowledge in at least two European languages and to be willing to obtain reading skills in other languages. It is beneficial to have an emphasis on historical and geographical subjects form school education and to be interested in environmental research questions.
Occupational areas:
A main part of the graduates is working for heritage departments and museums. Some are also employees of excavation companies in Germany and abroad.
There is also the possibility to be part of the academic staff at universities and other scientific research centres like the DAI. However, jobs in this field are rather restricted.
There is also always the perspective to work in cultural, journalistic and commercial fields, which have been gaining more importance in the last few years.
This wide range of working fields and the demands connected with it are part of the study program of our department .