Lektorat Deutsch als Fremdsprache

Welcome to the lectorate German as a foreign language at University of Göttingen!

We offer different accompanying German classes at all levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages to international students, PhD students, visiting scholars and employees of Göttingen University.

Almost one in every four foreign students uses our service per term. We are part of the department of Intercultural German Philology with its modern research base in the field of German as a foreign, as a second or academic language. Therefore, we take the diverse language skills of our participants and their cultural background and integrate aspects of multilingualism and interculturality in our classes. Our course programs are continuously updated to the state of the art in language learning.

Succeed in studying through language proficiency!

Due to the Corona pandemic, we can only be contacted via email: Lektorat DaF

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Digital learning materials.

Here you will find under DeutschLernsnacks short learning modules with learning videos and interactive exercises for A 1-2.

ChipPraxistippMeetings at „Typisch Deutsch“

Interesting and unusual about German Culture and Language.

ChipPraxistippAccompanied Tandem-Learning

New Tandemplatform for students and employees of the University of Göttingen