Programme name: Sustainable International Agriculture (M.Sc.)
Degree: Master of Science (M.Sc.)
Standard period of study: 4 semesters
Starting semester: winter semester
Admission: limited admission (online application to the Faculty)
Application period Non-EU and Non-EWR-applicants: November 1st - January 31st each year
Application period EU-and EWR applicants: May 1st - June 15th each year
Language of the programme: English

List of EU and EWR Countries

1. Admission Criteria for the Master of Sustainable International Agriculture

  • A. Is your former BSc degree acceptable for SIA-studies at Goettingen University?

    The admission to the master program is granted on the grounds that a BSc of at least 3 years duration in Agriculture or other related degrees at an accredited institution in or outside Germany has been completed. Other related degrees must prove a minimum of 60 ECTS in plant sciences, animal sciences, resource management, sciences or economic- and social sciences.

    Applicants who have studied subjects like botany, biochemistry, horticulture, biodiversity, ecology, nature conservation, molecular and cell biology, biotechnology or subjects less related to agriculture are not eligible.

  • B. Is application possible with an uncompleted BSc?
    Only for Non Eu and Non EWR applicants: If you are from a Non-EU and Non EWR country you can only apply with a completed BSc.
    Only for EU and EWR applicants: If you are from an EU or EWR country and haven't completed your BSc degree by the application deadline you need at least 150 ECTS credits from your study program which have to be proven by a transcript of records that also contains the total average grade reached so far (e.g. CGPA). Please note that the final BSc degree must be sent to us as soon as you receive it (latest by November 11. of each year).

  • C. Do you fulfill the English language test requirements?

    For this please check English language requirements.

    If you have none of the required English Proficiency proofs you can't be admitted to SIA.

2. Online Application
Please select between the entries: Application form for Non-Eu and Non-EWR Applicants or Application form for EU and EWR applicants.
Applications in the wrong category will be deleted.
After online registration for the SIA program you will receive a registration number via email. Please fill in the application form and submit it. Then you will receive an automatic email with information on how to upload the required documents (simultaneous applications for several master courses only require uploading your documents once). A legend of your Univrsity's grading system (highest grade obtainable / minimum pass) is obligatory. If there is no legend on your BSc transcript please add an official one.
For China, Mongolia and Vietnam, only APS-proven ( academic transcript and degree certificates are accepted for application.
After September 2022 for India only APS-proven ( academic transcript and degree certificates are accepted for application.
If you have started a Master degree all fields in the application form concerning Master degree must be filled.
Before you submit the form, please check if you have given information not only to all agricultural relevant courses you have passed but also to agricultural relevant practicals, internships and work experience. This might add to your chances of getting a study place. After you submit the form you can't make any changes. Only papers and certificates you upload before submission of the application will be evaluated. Documents added after the deadline will not be accepted.

3. Does early submission of the application give advantages?
Applicants with very good GPAs will upon early submission of the application receive an early letter of admission. After the deadline all other eligible applications are ranked according to the grade obtained in the BSc and points given for reference letters and points given for additional agricultural experience. The applicants ranked highest will also be admitted.

4. Is it necessary to submit documents via post?
Only for Nigeria: After admittance Nigerian applicants must please ask the Registrar from their University's Office of the Registrar to airmail their BSc transcripts in a sealed envelope directly to:
Goettingen University
Faculty of Agricultural Sciences
International Admission Office
Buesgenweg 5
D - 37077 Goettingen

5. Selection procedure and admission
The selection committee will rank 80 percent of the candidates according to points given for BSc grade, motivation, reference letters, and any other supporting qualifications. 20 percent will be ranked after interview to assess the candidate's suitability. Applicants selected for interview will be informed accordingly.

When will you get informed whether you have been admitted or not?
Please allow for at least two months after deadline before expecting application news. Most likely End of April or beginning of May.

6. Acceptance of the study place
To accept the study place, successful applicants must start the enrolment process within two weeks after submission of the admission letter.

7. Can you defer your admission until next year?
No, you can't. If you do not accept the offer you must re-apply next year. Please inform us as soon as possible if you decide not to accept, so the place can be offered to the next ranked applicant.

8. Please be aware that in case you have no scholarship the Visa Authorities will request you to open a block account with minimum 11.208,- € to prove that you can pay for your living for the first 12 months during studies.