Information on application and admission procedures


This page provides detailed information on the application and admission process for the Master of Arts in History of Global Markets. Please read the following information carefully, as we provide step-by-step guidance. Please understand that we are unable to accept incomplete applications, or applications that are not submitted by the stipulated deadline.

The application process requires the submission of several key documents.

  • Admission requirements and selection process

    Admission to the Master’s programme in Global History Markets is competitive. Admission into the programme is based on proof of relevance of previous studies.

    Proof of relevance of previous studies

    • A minimum of six semesters of study culminating in a bachelor’s degree or an equivalent course of study with a minimum of 180 ECTS credits in one of the four study programmes "Economic and Social History", "Contemporary History", "Economics", "Business Administration", "Sociology" or "Political Science" or a closely related subject.

    • Applicants must have completed at least 150 of the 180 ECTS credits at the time of application. Unfortunately, we cannot consider applications that do not meet this requirement.

    • Completed 60 ECTS credits and course work in Economic and Social History, Contemporary History, Business Administration, Economics, Sociology or Political Science including 30 ECTS credits in History of Companies, History of Industrialization, History of Globalization, History of Consumerism, Economic and Social- or General History of the 19th and 20th centuries, Contemporary Concepts and Methods of History, History of Economic Thought, Organizational Theory and Management, Institutional Economics, Evolutionary Econmics, International Trade Theory, Development Economics, Economic Policy, Economic Activity and Growth Theory, Price and Market Theory, Quantitative Methods, Economic Sociology, Economic Migration, Cultural Sciences, Political Economics or Globalization Studies. A minimum of 18 ECTS credits from these modules must be from coursework that is of intermediate or advanced levels.

    Proof of relevant language skills

    • You can study the Master's programme in History of Global Markets either completely in German or completely in English. A combination of modules of both languages is also possible.

    • If German is not your native language, you will need to submit proof of your German language skills (for a list of accepted documents, see: "Required application documents").

    • Applicants whose mother tongue is English or who can submit proof of sufficient English language skills do not have to submit proof of German language skills. Language proficiency certificates must be presented at the moment of application and successful completion of the tests may not be older than three years at the moment of application (for a list of accepted documents, see: "Required application documents").

    Please note

    • If you have not completed your degree at the time of application, the current average score will be calculated.

    • For courses to be considered intermediate or advanced, the course content must clearly go beyond introductory or basic concepts.

    • Determining the relevance of previous studies for the Master's programme in History of Global Markets will be based on the documents enclosed in the application (see: "Required application documents").

    The selection process is a two-stage process. The initial selection round will evaluate candidates based on their written application. The second round will evaluate candidates based on personal interviews. Further information on the application process and eligibility requirements can be found in the admission regulations ("Ordnung über die Zugangsvoraussetzungen und über die Zulassung") for the Master’s degree in History of Global Markets (see: "Admission regulations").

  • Application periods

    • April 1 to May 15 to commence studies in the winter semester (October)

    • October 1 to November 15 to commence studies in the summer semester (April)

    Please note that all necessary application documents have to be uploaded via the upload portal by their respective deadlines (May 15 and November 15). Subsequent submission of documents after the deadline is not possible.

  • Application form

Application Process

The application will be completely digital. If requested, you are obliged to submit original documents subsequently. The application process consists of four steps:

  1. Fill in our online application form for the Master's programme in History of Global Markets during the application period and send it by clicking the send button at the end of the form.

  2. Hereafter, you will receive an email with a link to our document upload portal. The email also contains your login data (username and password) for this upload portal. You will also find two PDF documents in this email: a summary of your data from step 1 and additionally a list with the required application documents that you have to upload (checklist application documents).

  3. Go to the upload portal, enter your username and password from the email and follow the steps in the upload portal to upload your documents. 

  4. Once the selection procedure is completed, you will receive a reply via email regarding your application. You can expect this possibly six weeks after the end of the application deadline.

Please check your application materials for completeness before clicking on “Binding Submission” in our upload portal. Unfortunately, incomplete applications, or those sent after the deadline will not be considered.

For any further questions, please feel free to contact the Student Advisory Service of the Faculty of Business and Economics - our study advisors are looking forward to assisting you.

We wish you the best of luck on your application and look forward to hearing from you.

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