Student user ID (Studentische Nutzerkennung)

University of Göttingen students may only use the university’s IT services with their student user ID (Studentische Nutzerkennung). The student user ID will be sent by your department to the Stud.IP system; it is essential for enrolling on all restricted access courses in Stud.IP.
  • “I enrolled at the University of Göttingen after the 2009 summer semester.” Transfer to the student user ID is not necessary, as this took place already in the 2009 summer semester.
  • “I enrolled before 2009.” You will need to transfer. If you do not transfer, it will not be possible to enrol for restricted access courses.
You can obtain your student user ID from "studIT - IT-Service für Studierende" (chip card office in ZHG – Zentrales Hörsaalgebäude).

Once you have a student user ID, you can transfer the account you have used until now to the student user ID:
  1. Log-in to Stud.IP with the account you have used until now.
  2. On the homepage you will see the link “Use student user-ID for Stud.IP login”. Input your (new) student user ID and the relevant password; your Stud.IP access will automatically transfer to the student user ID. From now on, only these log-in data will be accepted.
  3. Your course data will be transferred on your next log-in.
There are three possible reasons if this link does not appear on the homepage.
  • You do not have Author or Tutor status. Lecturer accounts cannot be transferred.
  • Your account is being synchronised with UniVZ. These two cases rarely affect students. Accounts with student user ID and staff accounts should not be mixed up. You may log in again with your student user ID at any time in order to set up another account for your student activities.
  • You already have student user ID in Stud.IP.