Research at CeMIS

The research programme of the Centre addresses issues of rapid political and economic transformation and development in the context of a linguistically, ethnically, and religiously diverse democratic society. It focuses on the post-independence period and, particularly, on the period from the 1980s to the present.

Interdisciplinary Research Clusters

Our work examines the interrelation of modern India's economic development with its socio-cultural fabric and its political-legal framework. The following questions are addressed: How is diversity intertwined with sustainable development, political conflict and social cohesion? And how do these themes interact within a pluralistic democratic polity? Due to far-reaching theoretical and methodological implications of these questions, CeMIS adopts a fittingly inter-disciplinary approach. Our central research clusters are:

Interdisciplinary research at CeMIS is conducted by the members of the discipline-oriented research groups Modern Indian History, Indian Economic Development, Indian Religions, State and Democracy in Modern India, and Society and Culture in Modern India.