Dr. Paul Christensen

Paul Christensen is a research associate and religious anthropologist with a regional focus on Southeast Asia. Paul studied cultural studies and religious studies at the University of Bremen and did fieldwork in Indonesia before he wrote his thesis on trance dances in Yogyakarta. For his dissertation, he received a scholarship from the German Research Foundation and conducted fieldwork in Cambodia. His PhD project 'Spirits and spiritmediums in Cambodia - Practice, Power, and Politics' was supervised by Prof. Andrea Lauser. After his graduation he was supported by the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes e.V. for his doctoral project "Spirits in Cambodia - Existence, Power and Ritual Practice" (Abstract), which was supervised by Prof. Andrea Lauser. He is currently working on his new research project (post-doc) on "Potentials and Dynamics of Post-Capitalist Transformation in Southeast Asia", and plans to conduct his research at the interface of socially engaged Buddhism and the commodification of morality using the example of Cambodia. Every semester he teaches a seminar in the bachelor's program in social sciences or in general Social Anthropology. In addition to his focus on Anthropology of Religion, Paul is engaged in research on science and technology studies (especially actor-network theory), questions of post-capitalist transformation and ontological issues.

Dissertation (published)
"Spirits in Cambodia - Existence, Power and Ritual Practice" (Download/Buy here)