Dr. Paul Christensen

Paul Christensen is a research and teaching staff member with a regional focus on Southeast Asia. Paul studied cultural and religious studies in Bremen and Yogyakarta. He completed his dissertation project "Spirits in Cambodia - Existence, Power and Ritual Practice" (Abstract) in 2019, following a doctoral fellowship from the German National Academic Foundation. He is currently working on the research project "Sandscapes in Southeast Asia," which examines the social consequences of sand mining in Southeast Asia, particularly in the Mekong region. Using sand as an example, local ideas and movements of environmentalism, endangered cosmologies, and critique of capitalism are united in this research project by examining 'sandscapes' as sites of the Anthropocene present.

Post-Doc Projekt
"Sandscapes in Southeast Asia: the social implications of sand mining on the Mekong River" (Abstract)

"Spirits in Cambodia - Existence, Power and Ritual Practice" (download/order here)

Anthropology of religion (Buddhism, Hindu religions, Islam); Anthropocene, environmental management (especially related to sand mining), actor-network theory; science and technology studies; ethnographic methodology, spiritual legitimation of power

Southeast Asia, especially: Cambodia, Indonesia

One-year field research in Cambodia as part of the Phd project "Spirits in Cambodia".

Field research in Yogyakarta (Indonesia) for master's thesis "Jathilan - A trance dance from the Yogyakarta region".

Field research on Sikhism followers in Bremen

Field research in a Hindu Sathya Sai group in Bremen