Stay Abroad

Lower Saxony’s MA regulations for student teachers of modern foreign languages include a mandatory and study-oriented stay abroad (no holidays or work and travel!). This also applies to future teachers of business education with English as their second subject. The minimum duration is three months.

Proof of the completed stay needs to be furnished when you register for your final master examination. However, completion during your BA studies is possible, too. You can also enrol for your MA degree course without this proof. For details concerning your stay abroad, please check the Information Brochure for Erasmus and stay abroad on the right or contact Johannes Pfändner.

For the Intern Program with Amity Institute please contact Johannes Pfändner as well.

Regarding my mandatory stay abroad, the efforts made by the SEP were clearly a great help for me in terms of placement and support. The information on openings and financing possibilities made it significantly easier for me to plan and accomplish my stay and to integrate it into my study plan. Concerning the application and organisation, I always knew whom to contact, both at the SEP and the International Office. When I changed universities for my master’s degree course, I unfortunately had to learn that this level of helpful support cannot be taken for granted.
Annika Dettmers, BA English and German, at the S|E|P from 2013 to 2017, Erasmus in Maynooth, Ireland 2015