Cooperações internacionais e programas de intercâmbio

International Cooperations and Exchange programs

1. Exchange with Brazil

1.1 Student-exchange

The Theological Stift is an intermediary for exchanges between theology students from Göttingen and São Leopoldo, Brazil. The exchange with São Leopoldo began in 2004 and was initiated by the former President of Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, Prof. Dr. H. Kern and the former Ephorus of the Theological Stift, Prof. Dr. R. Feldmeier. The Students from Brazil live and work in the Theological Stift during their study visit in Göttingen.

1.2 Professor-exchange

In the summer semester of 2003, a cooperation agreement was initiated between the evangelical theology department at Göttingen University and Escola Superior de Teologia in São Leopoldo, Brazil. Under this agreement, beginning in the summer semester of 2005, exchanges of professors from both departments of theology were institutionalized and initiated. Guest professors from Brazil live and work at the Theological Stift during their visit at the University. Through this cooperation, the relationship between both schools is strengthened as well as the promotion of academical education and research on both sides of the exchange.

The financing for the students and professors is supported by:

  • The Evangelic Church in Germany (EKD)

  • The Lutheran World Federation

  • The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Hanover

2. Exchange with Atlanta (USA)

A student-exchange between the theology department at Göttingen and Candler School of Theology at Emory University in Atlanta has existed since 1978. Each year a student from the theology department is selected to go to Atlanta for one year. At the same time a student from Atlanta comes to Göttingen. During their study visit the students from Atlanta live and work at the Theological Stift.