Our House

Living Presence
The Göttingen Theological Stift is set apart from other theological student-houses in the sense that it is governed by the students. We are organized as a basic democratic community. Decisions, which concern the academic, political and cultural engagements of our house are made together. On top of that the house also offers its residents an in-house study and culture program as well as established forms of community and spiritual life.

Throughout the existence of the Theological Stift, a variety of changes have taken place. The character of our house is continually being formed by each generation of residents and mirrors their respective theological and social interests. Today, there are about thirty-six students who live and study at the Stift. The students come from different church traditions and a variety of countries (e.g. Egypt, Pakistan, China, Canada, USA, Brazil, Romania, the Scandinavian countries, Italy, Ghana, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea etc). Through the involvement in two exchange programs, the Stift has a distinct international and ecumenical profile.

Living in the Stift
There are mostly theological students studying in the Stift. Upon acceptance, your application is for the first two semesters; however, it is possible to extend your application for up to six semesters or even eight semesters if there are pressing reasons.

Your room in the Stift
The Stift has 35 single rooms, ranging from 12 to 25 qm, spread over three floors. Each room has internet hook-up and a personal sink. Each floor also has communal bathrooms with several toilets and showers and a communal kitchen. The rent is, depending of the size of the room, between 260€ and 305€. This includesthe the ‘Stiftsrate’, which consist of a food fee, household and communal fees, the so called ‘studentischer Beitrag’, and an energy, internet and cleaning fee.

Stift Administration and Organization
The Theological Stift is managed by a Stiftsinspektor along with the students living in the Stift and is overseen by a board of trustees. The board of trustees consists of:

  • Professors from the theology department (Ephorus of the Stift, Dean of the theology department, curator of the Waisenhausstiftung).
  • A representative from the university leadership.
  • The bishop of the Ev. Lutherischen Landeskirche Hannover or a sent representative.
  • Two representatives from the residents of the Theological Stift.