Theologisches Stift an der Universität Göttingen

Welcome to the Theological Stift

Theologisches Stift Willkommen

The Theological Stift in Göttingen is a house of study, belonging to the Georg-August-University. It serves as both housing for students of theology and other subjects and an academic training site with its own unique character. At the Stift, we combine the joy of theological discussion with lived spirituality and social commitment. We consist of thirty-six students from around the world, making the Stift a dynamic community.


Eingang Theologisches Stift

The Theology Stift is the fourth oldest establishment of Georg-August-University Göttingen. It goes back to “collegium theologicum repetentium,” which was founded in the year 1765, and was furnished both for the promotion of the students and for the scientific new generation.



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Living at the Theological Stift means a lot of possibilities of social engagement and pursuing personal interests. You like to talk and discuss with other people about their opinions, and you are interested in organizing and shaping your theological studies within a clear group by learning and teaching? Great, then you are very welcome and we are looking forward to your application.

Applications for the next summer semester 2024 are welcome up to January 10, 2024.