Unheard Balochistan – Presentation and discussion on the militarized conflict in Balochistan

Presentation and discussion, Friday, 21.02.2020, 7:00 pm
Stadtlabor Göttingen, Schildweg 1

Balochistan is a region crossing the borders of Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan, striving for autonomy. The severe human rights violations and political conflicts on the Pakistani side of the region are unknown to the world, although the situation is currently escalating and state military commits sever human rights violations systematically abducting and murdering ethnic minority groups.

The Baloch Human Rights Organisation (BHRO) will give an overview presentation about the situation in Balochistan that will be followed by a panel discussion together with human rights and political activists in German exile who experienced the political situation, imprisonment and torture in Balochistan.

With a presentation by Abdullah Abbas (General Secretary Baloch Human Rights Organisation(BHRO) and a panel discussion with Abdullah Abbas, Farhad Ali Baloch (Political Activist), Dr. Yousef Murad Baloch (Author, Human Rights Activist).

***The event will take place in English language.***