The Göttinger Gesellschaft für Völkerkunde e.V. (Göttingen Anthropological Society) is a sponsoring association which has set itself the task of supporting the Ethnographic Collection of the University of Göttingen both materially and non-materially and of anchoring it more firmly in the consciousness of the population. Especially in today's world with its intercultural dynamics and nationalistic isolation, the teaching and research collection offers an opportunity to promote tolerance and respect for non-European cultural traditions and to reduce the fear of the supposedly foreign.

1. Chair: Wolfgang Kempf

2. Chair: Christiane Falck

Treasurer: Petra Schnüll

Recording Clerk: Udo Mischek

Extended Board: Margarete Kiang, Gundolf Krüger, Isabel Pagalies, Hans Reithofer

Within the bounds of our possibilities, we support lectures and other events, special exhibitions and publications, and the expansion of and work on the collection.

The Göttinger Gesellschaft für Völkerkunde addresses itself to all who have an interest in anthropology. Take part! As a member you will be informed about current events, have free access to the collection and to all events (special exhibitions, Sunday guided tours, Sunday matinees, etc.), and receive the publications of the collection at a reduced price.