Brazil, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre

Dear Students

If you are interested in learning Portuguese and experiencing student life at a Brazilian university, then check out our Faculty programme with the UFRGS in Porto Alegre. We have been cooperating with this university for several years and are actively promoting the exchange between Brazilian and German business students.

Porto Alegre is the capital of Rio Grande do Sul, which is located in the country's south. The city was founded approximately 250 years ago by immigrants from the Portuguese Azores and is located on the eastern bank of the Guaíba River. Apart from its tropical subclimate, the city of Porto Alegre is also known for being the political and economic center of Southern Brazil. Furthermore Porto Alegre's rich culture, Gaúchos, has been influenced by its neighboring countries Argentina and Uruguay.

For further information and questions, please contact our Study Abroad advisory team.

University Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS)
City Porto Alegre
Population Ca. 1.5 Mio.
Suitable for Economic Sciences, Business Administration (Bachelor & Master)
No. of Students 40.000
Academic year

1st Semester: March- July

2nd Semester: August - December

Master/ PHD: VWL: Trimester

1st Trimester: March – May

2nd Trimester: June – August/September

3rd Trimester: September – December

Required language skills At least A2 in Portuguese at the moment of application, if the B1 course is completed by the time the study abroad semester begins

If you have any questions, please contact the Student Advisory Service - Foreign Affairs.
Language of instruction Portuguese
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Application process

  • 1. Submit your application at the Student Advisory Service - Foreign Affairs:
    Application deadline for the following winter semester is January 15.
    Application deadline for the following summer semester is June 15.
    You will find the application form during the application period here
  • 2. If your application is successful, the Student Advisory Service - Foreign Affairs will nominate you at the host university.
  • 3. Afterwards, you have to apply directly at the host university in order to get enrolled. Please be aware of the application deadlines given by the host university. It is possible that some of the application documents have to be translated into Portuguese.
  • 4. The preparations can begin:

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