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Psychology (M.Sc.)

Programme name: Psychology M.Sc.
Degree: Master of Science
Standard duration of study: Four semesters
Starting semester: Winter semester
Admission requirements: Bachelor of Science in Psychology or a closely related subject access regulations
Application: Application homepage, Written application documents to be submitted to the Georg Elias Müller Institute for Psychology.
Application Deadline: April 1st to May 15th.
Language of the Programme: German

Course description
The aim of the Georg Elias Müller Institute is to form research foci as well as extend the connections between the different research areas. In this manner, the basic areas and areas of application of psychology can be dealt with in each department. This coupling ensures that the application subjects of psychology are oriented towards the newest developments and findings from the basic sciences. According to the traditional orientation of the natural sciences of the Institute, the Master's programme is research-oriented and prepares students for scientific work in the field of psychological research.

Programme structure
Areas of study (module areas)
Foundations of Psychology: Cognitive Science; Cognitive Neuroscience; Social Psychology
Applied Psychology: Clinical Psychology; Industrial, Economic and Educational Psychology
Obligatory modules: Evaluation; Multivariate Statistics; Applied Diagnostics
Each student selects two two of the foundation of psychology module areas and one of the two applied psychology module areas. Two modules are then taken in each of these areas. In addition, each student takes the three obligatory modules. Moreover, students have to selct one further mudule from any area of psychology and one from the non-psychological optional area.
In the third semester, an advanced research module in one of the five module areas is selected. The Master's thesis will then be written in this area, usually in the fourth semester.

Language commendation
English language is desirable.