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Video Art

Since 1996, the Department of Art History possesses a collection of inter­national video art, which was pur­chased with financial re­sources from pro­fessorial appoint­ments. Among the collec­ted videos are mile­stones of this emer­gent genre, such as works by Pippilotti Rist and Vito Acconci, as well as artists of the 1980ies, such as Ulrike Rosenbach.

Video art is distin­guished by its peculiar design capa­bilities, enabling the creation of both, docu­mentary and com­pletely abstract works. While with early videos, ex­perimen­ting with the medium had priority, later on, due to the latest means of tech­nical manipulation, new ideas could be realised. In the 1980ies, further technical innovations allowed the creation of inter­twined pictures and there­fore of new electronic effects.

Alongside the classic genres, the collection of Video Arts offers a new field for uni­versity teaching. Moreover, it offers various additions for the per­manent and dynamic ex­hibition that is ever changing thanks to this collection. There­fore, it is not only in­corpo­rated in ex­hibitions, but also used for the work in seminars.