B10 - Landscape-level assessment of ecological and socioeconomic functions of rainforest transformation systems in Sumatra (Indonesia)

We investigate how to maintain biodiversity and ecosystem functioning while serving human needs. We have developed and will further refine EFForTS-ABM, an integrated land-use change model, with the aim to identify mechanisms underlying the trade-offs and synergies of ecological and economic functions in tropical landscapes. Furthermore, we will scale up from micro and local to landscape and broader scales, including an assessment of long-term drivers and consequences of land-use change. The project plays a central role in integrating the research outcomes of the CRC. Extended Summary

Trennblatt B10 a
B10 research team and collaborators at the International Symposium on Socio-ecological transformations of tropical lowland rainforests in Bali (October 2018, organized by EFForTS). From left to right:
Prof. Dr. Kerstin Wiegand, Jan Salecker, Dr. Craig Simpkins, Dr. Sebastian Renner, Dr. Suria Darma Tarigan

Trennblatt B10 b
Screenshot of the landscape generator EFForTS-LGraf: A landscape generator for creating artificial agricultural smallholder landscapes, created by researchers of the B10 subproject