Learning and Teaching

The Institute for Educational Science offers its own subject-elated studies and is involved with the Göttingen degree programmes for the teaching profession:

Teaching Profession

Core Studies: Educational Science

The IfE's degree-programm-specific information on the structure and organisation of educational science curricula can be found on the websites linked to the degree programmes. There you will also find references to the central website of the degree programmes on the web pages of ZELB ( Central teachers Trainig Institute) or the Faculty of Social Sciences and the concerned contact persons at the IfE -the subject study counsellors, the module officers and if applicable, the Director of Studies.
Informations provided by the IfE concerning the acceptance of academic credits earned in Germany and abroad is available here,if you wish to participate, for example, in an educational science curriculum as an Erasmus exchange student or if you would like to relocate to Göttingen from a different place of study.
You will find here informations about doing scientific work and (coming soon) manuals to the methods of examination at IfE.