Acting Professor Dr. Astrid Biele Mefebue

Dr Astrid Biele Mefebue is Acting Professor for the Sociology of Diversity since the summer semester 2017.

Astrid Biele Mefebue is a social science graduate. She wrote her doctoral thesis at the Göttingen Sociological Research Institute (SOFI) on "The social construction of the implied employment contract: development and socioeconomic conditions". Before starting work at the chair of Professor Andrea D. Bührmann she was employed in the project "Women in top management teams", funded by the German Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth.

Since 2011 Astrid Biele Mefebue's research, analysis and teaching has focused on how diversity, equality and difference are experienced and dealt with in organisations. In this work she makes use of quantitative and qualitative data.

Dr. Astrid Biele Mefebue is currently on maternity/parental leave. The role of Acting Professor is being filled by Dr. Yvonne Franke during this time.

Her research interests include:

  • Sociology of work and organizational sociology
  • Diversity and social inequality
  • Diversity in organizations
  • Life concepts

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