Certificate Programme 'Project Management'

Project Ideas: How To Develop, Implement and Reflect Critically

Project Management is an essential transferable skill for both university and career. The certificate 'Project Management' is of immense use to students of all faculties. The acquired skills bolster students' abilities to succeed at university and introduce them to ways in which they may multiply their chances of climbing the career ladder. In Service Learning, students learn to combine the academic content of their tutorials and seminars with non-profit efforts. Click here for the interview showcasing the first few snapshots of the project.

Update I: Further information regarding the modules that are part of this certificate programme can be found in the ZESS examination regulations. Should queries still persist, please do not hesitate to contact the supervisor of this programme, Alexander Moritz.

Update II: New assessment regulations for this certificate programme shall take effect from winter semester 2016/17 onwards, making it compulsory for students to complete the module SK.AS.FK-27 (Certificate Merit: Project Management). This, however, does not apply to students who completed the foundation course SK.AS.FK.08 (Basic Project Management) before winter semester 2016/17, as long as they conclude the entire certificate programme by the end of summer semester 2018 and prove that they had registered for the programme before winter semester 2016/17.

    Learning Goals
  • To impart knowledge and skills about the systematic planning and implementation of projects, as well as learning to reflect critically upon one's work.
  • The development of academic, methodic and personal skills for university and career.
  • The conception and realisation of a project in conjunction with a non-profit organisation ('service learning').