Learning and Study Building

Learning and Study Building

Centrally located, superbly equipped, soundproof: The Learning and Study Building (LSG), located at the Platz der Göttinger Sieben, features about 650 individual and group workstations for students. The 1- and 2-person workstations are equipped with internet access, some of them with whiteboards; the group workstations have smart boards and/or large-sized monitors. A lecture room, a room equipped with study cubicles, a parent-child area with day-care on Saturdays, break and quiet rooms as well as open workstations on the various floors of the building complement the overall range of equipment. You can book one-person and group rooms and lockers at the LSG via the occupancy assignment system at eCampus online.

Anyone who has suggestions or would like to give us their feedback can contact the LSG team by phone or mail at any time. The SUB is in charge of the LSG.

Book rooms on your smartphone
In cooperation with StudIT we developed a mobile page for our online bookable rooms in the Learning and Study Building and the Central Library. Now you can easily access the booking-platform on eCampus via your smartphone. There you can find all the features you know from the desktop-version. StudIT published an article with a how-to where you can find further details.

Parent-child rooms and Study Saturdays
The parent-child area extends over several rooms on the second floor. There is a playroom in Room 2.129. Babies can be nursed or changed in the adjoining Room No. 2.130. There are several individual workrooms as well as a 4-person workroom located around these two rooms. more...

How do I reserve a room?

Teaser RaumreservierungAnyone wanting to reserve a room must log on to eCampus with his or her student account. After the reservation has been made, an electronic key can be encoded onto the student ID at the LSG terminal. more...

Room access

Teaser Zutritt zu den RäumenObviously, the key does not function until the reservation period has begun. The old adage 'The early bird gets the worm' does not apply here.more...

How does the points system work?

Teaser ReservierungspunkteEvery student who reserves a room is given a certain amount of points for that purpose; more points for a large room than for a one-person workstation; more points for long-term occupancy than for one hour. more...