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"Creativity and studies"

The AKB Stiftung has supported the programe since 2013

The AKB Stiftung was established by Dr. Carl-Ernst Büchting, who had a major influence on the development of the family business KWS SAAT AG, sitting on the Board for three decades. At the end of the 1990s he established the AKB Stiftung which he named after his parents, Annemarie and Karl Büchting.

The AKB Stiftung chiefly supports church, cultural, academic and social institutions and projects. As well as sponsoring series of events by the Göttingen Research Campus, and the prize for best dissertation as part of the annual Alumni Day, it also enables the "Creativity and studies" programe at the University.

Students from all faculties of the University of Göttingen, as well as from other universities in cooperation with Göttingen students, have the opportunity to realize creative and unconventional projects.

The prize-winning sponsored projects were realized with many active participants from numerous institutions as well as with international cooperation. Some of the projects also involved foreign trips.

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