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Guest students

Students enrolled at other universities and persons who are not enrolled and / or do not have a university entrance qualification can apply for guest student status in order to attend lectures; this is only possible for lectures which do not have limited admission and do not require certain previous study achievements / credits or knowledge.

You can apply for guest student status with the Office of Student Affairs, Wilhelmsplatz 4. This must be done individually for each respective semester and within the given deadline.

The fees for guest students are as follows:
- up to four weekly lecture hours: 75 Euros
- more than four weekly lecture hours: 150 Euros

The fees may be waived on request. This applies to refugees and other recipients of social security benefits. (For further details, see leaflet below)

Guest student chip card (student ID)
As a guest student, you will receive a special chip card (student ID) at the chip card issuing point in the central lecture hall building (ZHG), which can also be printed out and overwritten by the extension printer there. On the front "Gasthörer" (= guest student) is printed above the "Studienausweis" (= student ID) designation.

Together with the chip card, you will receive your stud.IT account (for emails, access to Stud.IP and use of FlexNow). You can edit your contact information and change your password using the SB (self-service) functions.

The guest student chip card can be used for copies, printouts, default charges of SUB (money revaluation), access control and lockers. It includes neither the semester ticket nor the advantages of the "Heimvorteil" programme. You can use the chip card to make payments at guest tariffs in the establishments of Student Services and the restaurants and cafeterias of the University Medical Center.

Chip card (student ID) in the online semester
Here you will find updated information on how to request your chip card during the online semester. In the first question "For which degree are you enrolled?" please choose the answer Other.

You will find more current information on your chip card (student ID) here by searching the FAQ for the keyword "chip card".

Lectures in the online semester
Here you will get information on how to participate in digital lectures and courses. Among others, you learn about your email account in eCampus and the learning platform Stud.IP.