Obligation to see a study counsellor for admission to the second repeat examination for compulsory and elective compulsory modules in the BA/MA study programmes

The various examination regulations of the study programmes at the Faculty of Social Sciences stipulate that admission to the second repeat examination for compulsory and elective compulsory modules can only take place after participation in a obligatory counselling session. After second failing, it is therefore not possible to register for the third and final attempt. Admission to the second repeat examination is subject to the student’s obligation to see a study counsellor.

Who is affected?
It affects all students of all Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes of the Faculty of Social Sciences who have already failed a compulsory and/or elective compulsory module for the second time.

Who provides the counselling?
The required counselling is carried out by the module supervisor or examiner with whom the previous attempt took place or with whom the third attempt is to take place.
It is advisable to conduct this counselling close to the second failed attempt, but definitely in good time before the examination of the third attempt!
If possible, the module supervisor can also conduct the consultation digitally via BigBlueButton, Zoom or similar.

What is being discussed?
There is a consultation about the last examination performance (e.g. errors in content, violations of good scientific practice, etc.).

What do students need to do?
Please fill out this form digitally on your computer.
After you have filled out the form, please make a consultation appointment with the module supervisor/examiner and send it to him/her by e-mail for a digital signature.
Immediately after the consultation, send the digitally completed form, signed by you and the module supervisor/the examiner, by e-mail to the respective person in charge here at the Examinations Office so that the exam registration can proceed.