Examination Information

Submission of your Final Thesis:

Please submit only the digital version of your Final Thesis via upload in FlexNow. A printed version isn't needed anymore. In Flexnow, select the menu item 'Upload papers and theses'. There you can upload the digital version directly to Flexnow. Please provide your thesis as a pdf file. Additional attachments can be uploaded in a compressed zip archive.

Credit transfer of examination results via an eForm

You can easily apply online for the transfer of examination credits, e.g. after a change of university, a change of degree programme or a stay abroad (incl. Learning Agreement). To do so, simply go to eCampus - Other services - Examination office forms and open the respective form for the recognition of examination achievements. As soon as you have filled it out, attached the necessary documents and sent it off, the form will be sent to the relevant person here at the examination office. You can find detailed help here.

Information on exam registration/de-registration deadlines:

The Faculty for Social Sciences has implemented the following exam registration/de-registration deadlines:
-Klausuren (Invigilated Written Examination): Registration until one week before the examination date, de-registration until 24 hours before the exam
-Hausarbeiten (Research Papers): Registration and De-registration until submission date
-mdl. Prüfungen (Oral Examination): Registration and De-registration until 7 days before the examination date of the first exam within the examination period
-lehrveranstaltungsbegleitende kombinierte Prüfungen (Referat/Vortrag mit schriftl. Ausarbeitung, Portfolio etc.) Further Examination Types: Presentation combined with Research Paper, Portfolio etc.): Registration and De-registration until submission date

For further information concerning these deadlines please check your current examination regulations (PStO).
Current deadlines for registration/de-registration from examinations are published in the FlexNow-Statistics-Portal: Query #218.(HERE)
Should you have any difficulties with the registration/de-registration for exams, please contact us within the given period. Please contact the member of staff responsible for your study programme here in the examination office, not your auditor/examiner!

Submission of doctor’s notes (Withdrawal from exams or extension of processing time after expiry of the de-registration period for “significant reasons” in terms of § 18 APO):

Extensions can only be granted upon submission of appropriate proof (usually a doctor’s note) to the examination office (the doctor’s note must always state a period of time). The doctor’s notes must be submitted via eCampus (find an instruction: HERE). You can find the required form at the tab eCampus – Weitere Dienste – Formulare – Formulare der Prüfungsämter
The original doctor’s note has to be submitted only on special request. All documents submitted to us electronically will be archived digitally.

Following your submission of the doctor’s note, you and your lecturer will be informed about your FlexNow-Status, changed examination periods and extended deadlines by E-Mail.

General information about external auditors/examiners:

If you choose external auditors or auditors from another department for your final thesis, both of them need to sign the Application Form for your final thesis to assure the willingness to examine your Thesis in this constellation.
For certain auditors, the examination of your thesis requires the approval of the director of the institute of your study programme/choosen subject. Therefore, you also might need the signature of the director on your Application Form. If you cannot find certain auditors on the lists of approved auditors, please consult the Info-Point or the member of staff responsible for your study programme.