All Equally Different!? Diversity in theory and practice - Lecture series

Podcast Miniseries "The just university. Visions of a good and divers academia"

In the winter semester of 2022/23, the final project of the series of events '"All equally different?!" - Diversity in Theory and Practice'.

How do we want to learn and research? What does a university need to be an attractive study and work environment for students and academics with different experiences and biographies? What does a fair and democratic university without discrimination look like? How must a university be set up to enable emancipatory knowledge transfer and knowledge production?

In three talks focusing on these questions, experts present their visions and positions on a fair science and higher education landscape of the present and future.

The daily routine of studying and working at universities often leaves little time and space for fundamental debates and utopian designs to reshape the culture of higher education and science. Such drafts can serve as important sources of inspiration and also as orientation aids for the formulation and implementation of diversity policy at universities. At the same time, a space is created to make visible and discuss the numerous, sometimes contradictory requirements and challenges of a diversity-friendly university and science.

The term "diversity" describes a social phenomenon and a practice: it is about social differences and commonalities between people, as well as the distinctions we make in everyday life, the accompanying discrimination and privileges, and the active shaping of diversity policy. This should promote people's potential and at the same time offer protection against discrimination. In the meantime, public interest in diversity has grown: business enterprises, administrations as well as universities advertise their commitment and the so-called "diversity competence" is increasingly demanded in professional life. But what exactly does diversity mean? And how is the topic relevant for the university and student life?
The series of events "'All Equally Different!?' - Diversity in Theory and Practice" offered students over 10 years (WiSe 12/13 - WiSe 22/23) the opportunity to further educate themselves with diversity-related topics in depth and with a focus on exploring possible professional fields of activity within the framework of annual focus events (lectures, specialist days, workshops...). Specific diversity dimensions, such as disability, social origin, racialisation and gender, were also taken into account.
Since the winter semester 2014/15, funding has been provided through study quality funds. The great positive response to the events confirms that the topic of diversity is highly topical in terms of social and university policy and that there is a great need for information.
The series of events was coordinated by the Equal Opportunities and Diversity Unit and prepared at the working level by experts from the Gender Studies Department, the Equal Opportunities and Diversity Unit, the Institute for Diversity Research, the GGG, the ZESS, the Institute for Educational Science and the ZEWIL, among others, as well as in cooperation with the Diversity Network at Thuringian Universities and the Thuringian Competence Network for Equality.