IPC Seminar

The IPC institute seminar is a kind of weekly family meeting, where different issues of our institute are discussed and presented. Like in all family meetings, its structure may change with time, but the purpose is always the same - bringing together the sometimes diverging but more often unanimous trends within a family - in this case the family of physical chemistry oriented thinkers and practitioners at Goettingen University.
During the lecture period it regularly takes place on

Tuesday 14:15 at seminar room MN32 (4th floor IPC, room no. 4.138).

More information is available in Stud.IP (570299, IPC-Institutsseminar).
Additional sessions during the semester break are possible as well.

Monthly Structure

First Tuesday

Discussion meeting of all independent teachers (Dozentenrunde) where the future teaching program, but also any other practical, financial and organizational issues (finally to be decided by the board of the institute), are addressed.

Last Tuesday

Timeslot for short (20'+10') master student talks reporting on their IPC-Praktikum (internship of at least 140 h at the IPC) or external research within a graded PC-Praktikum (internship outside of the IPC). This is a wonderful occasion for all institute members to learn first-hand about some of the ongoing work in other (and their own) group from first-time practitioners.

Intermediate Tuesdays

Timeslot for short talks by PhD students and others (from just-finished master student to retired professor, in some cases also external visitors who do not fit into the schedule of the Physikalisch-Chemisches Kolloquium). This is a prime opportunity to get to know some of the recent research highlights within the institute, to hear some wrap-ups before defending a thesis, etc.. Not more than 1-2 talks (typically in English language) per year from each group are necessary to fill the available slots.